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Museo nazionale dei trasporti

Where VIA DEL CANALETTO, 100, La Spezia

The Museum was founded in 1986, with the purpose of preserving and enhancing materials and aspects of the history of transport in Italy, from public transport by road and rail to transport by trolleybuses. In the setting of the former team upward FS there are historical examples that provide an overview of technical and formal means of rail vehicles, both on the lines of the FS network, both in industries that use small rail transport for the movement of goods: the impressive steam locomotive Group 743 and the small locomotive powered by storage batteries. The diesel locomotive is well represented by a 2-axis, called "sole" for his curious appearance. Among towed, stand an old boxcar invoice nineteenth century and a boot with the postal service. The exhibition of memorabilia of the railway section proposes setting that refers to the past: in the broadest was rebuilt a section of track complete with ballast, equipped with two service trucks, one of which amended as herbicide tank and operated by a motor scooter. It is also part of the Museum's large collection of objects, which parallels the complex apparatuses control stations, simple objects of daily use in the railway and a section devoted to modeling, where it can appreciates the reconstruction by Vinciguerra. The Museum is split finally a "living section" consists of vintage vehicles in perfect working order, used for educational, tourist and promotional.

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