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CAMEC - Centro d'arte moderna e contemporanea


The CAMEC's objective is to preserve, exhibit, increase and enhance the public collections of contemporary art, as well as to realize exhibitions of critic and exhibitions dedicated to authors and movements of the twentieth century, along with events, performances, concerts. The permanent collections of contemporary art are represented by some significant collections. Among them, a selection of works relating to the "Award of the Gulf", created in 1933 as a festival-competition by Marinetti and Fillia, restored for the first time from 1949 to 1965, and then, again in 2000, every two years. The formula of the purchase-award, has merged in the civic collections around 200 works, with the most significant outcomes of Italian painting. Private donations constitute the other two collections: the collection of Giorgio and Ilda Cozzani, lover updated and forward-looking, a regular visitor to the most important events in Italy and abroad, and the collection of Ferruccio and Anna Maria Battolini, born from sixty years of activities in the world of criticism, journalism art and artists. The first one is composed by twelve hundred works related to the most important movements of the historical avant-garde of the twentieth century: Expressionism and the Bauhaus, ending with Art Povera, Pop, Land, Fluxus, Body Art and Transvanguard. For the second, there are multiple contributions from some of the protagonists of the historical editions of the Aaward of the Gulf, to break the Group of Seven, to some of the most important artists of the Italian post-war.

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