Luogo - Museum

Museo del cavallo giocattolo

Where Via Tornese, 10, Grandate (Como)

Located in the old stable ''al Portichetto'' where the throughbred Tornese (borned in 1952) . Transformed the building in a Museum of simple stick horses, sweet toy horses, made in papier machè or metal, or sophisticated mechanical models, smart wooden toy horses over 600 esamples which date from the late 1700's to the mid 1900's. Each horse has a name and a story to tell to our visitors. Works of art, some of them recently carved in wood by Stevenson Brothers in England. A unique chance to show your childrens how their granparents and fathers played with simple toys. The musics comings from Goffredo Colombani's carousels and the paintings by Wanda Broggi do enrich the museum . And.. to continue travelling in the Lehmann Room we find the precious toys manufactured by Lehmann in Brandeburg and Nurberg from 1889 for more then 100 years, the tin toys which were most loved by children from 1900's and by collectors today.

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