Luogo - Museum

Tempio Voltiano

Where Viale Marconi, 1, Como

The Volta Temple was opened in 1928 as a worthy venue of the collections and the original instruments of Alessandro Volta (1745-1827), on the initiative of Francis Somaini, that has gave it to the city. The draft by Federico Frigerio is in Neoclassical style and is inspired by the Pantheon: the Temple consists of a circular room of about 12 meters in diameter, covered by a light central dome surrounded by a colonnade. The main floor is accessible by two large symmetrical stairways to side of the porch, which enhances the facade with four Corinthian columns. Inside, the dome is supported by four corner pillars and eight marble columns; the entablature stands on the dedicatory frieze and the panels representing episodes from the life of Volta. The floor has a rich mosaic. The Temple exposes a vast array of tools, many of which belonged to Volta, organized in 15 showcases and in sections. The path ends with a biographical narrative and the accolades to the scientist.

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