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Lago di Como

Where Viale Giancarlo Puecher, 6, Como

Lake Como is a natural pre-alpine lake in Lombardy, falling in the provinces of Como and Lecco. It is the largest lake in Italy by extension perimeter. In 2014 it was ranked as the "most beautiful lake in the world" by the newspaper "The Huffington Post", for its microclimate and its environment dotted with villas and villages. It is one of the most beautiful Italian landscapes, praised by the 800 major poets of Romanticism, by Alessandro Manzoni, Stendhal, George Gordon Byron Franz Liszt. The topography varies from grassy slopes and rounded to the dolomites with serrated rocks, spiers and towers. The only training island is Isola Comacina, modest in size, but with a prestigious past: in the Middle Ages, in fact, the island was a stronghold independent and was the center of important historical events. Bellagio is a popular tourist busiest, located at the tip of the promontory that separates the three branches of the lake, is known for its monumental villas (Villa Melzi and Villa Serbelloni) and the steps of the shops which overlooks the home of Franz Liszt . Enchanting castles surrounding the lake.

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