Religious building

Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta (Duomo di Como)

Piazza Duomo, Como

Located near the lake, Cathedral is one of the most remarkable monuments of northern Italy: long 87 meters and 75 to the height of the dome, was designed by Filippo...


Tempio Voltiano

Viale Marconi, 1, Como

The Volta Temple was opened in 1928 as a worthy venue of the collections and the original instruments of Alessandro Volta (1745-1827), on the initiative of Francis...


Raccolte scientifiche del Liceo Classico A. Volta

Via Cesare Cantù, 57, Como

The Museum is dedicated to scientific education and includes two sections: the Section "Tools Workshop", that comes from the Physics Laboratory built by Alessandro...


Civico museo archeologico Paolo Giovio

Piazza Medaglie d'Oro, 1, Como

The Archaeological Museum is housed in the Giovio Palace, house of Counts until 1913, when it was purchased by the City. The building, dating from the late Middle...


Museo storico Giuseppe Garibaldi

Piazza Medaglie d'Oro, 1, Como

The Museo Storico Giuseppe Garibaldi is housed in Palazzo Olginati, originally built in the 15th century but frequently renovated, most recently halfway through the...

Historical building

Villa Olmo

Via Simone Cantoni, 1, Como

The construction was commissioned by Marquis Innocenzo Odescalchi, Neoclassical architect Simone Cantoni. The building, built on the west bank of Como Lake, was...


Pinacoteca civica di Palazzo Volpi

Via Diaz, 84, Como

The Civic Art Collections of Volpi Palace, an imposing seventeenth-century building, are part of the circuit "Civic Museums of Como." The exhibition has a...


Must - Museo Studio del Tessuto

Via per Cernobbio, 19, Como

MUST (Textile Studio Museum) houses the collection of about 3.000 exhibits of antique textiles dating from the fifth to the nineteenth century and over 1.700 books...


Sala Casartelli

Viale Cavallotti, 3, Como

The Museum was founded in the '20s as a collection of educational scientific materials from the "Sala Casartelli" of Carducci Institute, acquired by Henry Musa in...


Lago di Como

Viale Giancarlo Puecher, 6, Como

Lake Como is a natural pre-alpine lake in Lombardy, falling in the provinces of Como and Lecco. It is the largest lake in Italy by extension perimeter. In 2014 it was...


Museo didattico della Seta

Via Castelnuovo, 9, Como

The Educational Silk Museum was founded in 1985, thanks to the initiative of two associations ("Class '27" and "Former Alumni of Silk Factory") with the aim to...