Luogo - Museum

Civico museo archeologico Paolo Giovio

Where Piazza Medaglie d'Oro, 1, Como

The Archaeological Museum is housed in the Giovio Palace, house of Counts until 1913, when it was purchased by the City. The building, dating from the late Middle Ages, underwent some changes until the present, as Lombard Baroque. Dates back to the eighteenth century the arrangement of the garden, the stairway and the nymphaeum. The frescoes of the first floor reflect the taste of that period ("Perrone Hall", decorated by Giovan Battista Rdoriguez; "Barelli Hall", decorated by Giuseppe Coduri; "Hall of the Wedding", with frescoes by Giovanni Battista Ronchelli). The Museum was inaugurated in 1897, with very heterogeneous collections. In 1932 was established the Historical Museum, and the Art Gallery in 1989. The rapid increase in the collections was possible thanks to the work of distinguished scholars and local researchers, above the donations and current activities of archaeological excavation. The exhibition follows a chronological order that goes from Pre Proto-historic Section to the Medieval lapidary, through a rich Roman collection of artifacts. The Museum also hosts temporary exhibitions and various archival.

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