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Museo civico di storia naturale di Cremona

Where Parco del Vecchio Passeggio viale Trento e Trieste 35/b, ?, Cremona
The Natural History Museum is situated inside a park with local botanical specimens, varied wildlife and a small "lake" which is becoming a natural habitat. The museum was bequeathed by Ala Ponzone and is particularly interesting as Giuseppe Sigismondo (1761-1842) was also a naturalist. Other donated collections, above all from local naturalists, were added. The suggested itinerary is in sections, one historical, a systematic passage through the individual disciplines of mineralogy, palaeontology and zoology and at last a perusal of the local area. The surroundings, natural and urban, allow two other locally linked themes to be added: a display of "the town upside down" and a reflection on bio-diversity preservation.
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