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Museo di mineralogia di Parma

Where V.le G.P.Usberti, 157/a (c/o Dip. di Scienze della Terra), Zibello (Parma)

The petrographic and mineralogical collection of the University includes nearly 5,000 specimens, of which one thousand exhibits, coming mostly from the collections Linati, Pegs, and Guidotti Cavezzali donated at the beginning of the nineteenth century. The minerals of the four collections are listed in a manuscript catalog compiled by Professor Jerome Cocconi in 1866-67. They have been joined by others donated by the Cassa di Risparmio di Parma e Piacenza and the result of recent acquisitions. You can see many samples of great historical, scientific and systematic originating in locations around the world. Among the exhibits in the broad entrance of the Department of Earth Sciences are gathering to remember baritine from Vernasca, in the province of Piacenza, samples of ilvaite the island of Elba, quartz and sulphides of the Western Alps from Romania .

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