Luogo - Museum

Museo archeologico di Cremona

Where Via San Lorenzo, 4, Cremona
The new Archaeological Museum is located in St. Lorenzo's basilical church and in the annexed Meli chapel, dating back to the 15th century. It displays what is considered the core of the Cremona archaeological collection: through the findings discovered since the 19th century up to the recent excavation in piazza Marconi, it allows to reconstruct the image of the town founded by the Romans in 218 b.C., the first one northern than the Po river. The museum building is Romanesque and it rises from the ruins of a previous church (10th century), in the site once occupied by a late Republican Roman necropolis, which coasted the first suburban portion of the Postumia street, and by a funerary Early Christian church: thus the building is itself an archaeological site, where the remains are still in great measure visible.
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