Religious building

Santuario di Santa Maria della Neve (ad Nives) - Maria SS. di Schiavonea

Piazza S. Maria di Nives, 1, Corigliano Calabro, (Cosenza)

Patroness of Schiavonea is Our Lady of Snows, celebrated on August, 5. The cult originated in 1649 as a result of a miraculous apparition, after which it began the construction of Shrine of Our Lady of Schiavonea or "Our Lady of Help" (or "Black Madonna", for dark color of her face), to place of previous church, consecrated in 1665. The interior, octagonal in shape with a domed pavilion, alloy and entirely whole is covered in polychrome marble and inlaid work and houses several valuable works, including original painting of "Black Madonna" and valuable grave of Compagna barons, announced by marble statue of an angel in the act of lifting a bronze curtain, nineteenth-century work attributed to sculptor Francesco Ierace.

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