Luogo - Castle

Castello di San Mauro (Monile)

Where Strada Statale 106 Jonica, Corigliano Calabro (Cosenza)

It was built in 1515 on the ruins of a former Monastery of medieval origin by work of Bernardino Sanseverino, Prince of Bisignano and Count of Corigliano from 1495 to 1517. Located at the edge of one of the most fertile plains of the territory, soon became important center for collecting and clearing for agricultural products of the whole area. It was embellished to host, November 9 to 12, 1535, Charles V, veteran of campaign in Tunis. In 1616 Saluzzo family bought the fief of Corigliano and San Mauro and the latter became their favorite destination for winter and spring seasons. To Compagna family succeeded Saluzzo in 1822 and began a slow decline. San Mauro is now private property surrounded by citrus groves.

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