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Giardino di Ninfa

Where Via Provinciale Ninfina, 68, Cisterna di Latina (Latina)

Ninfa Garden, declared "Natural Monument", is a typical English garden started by Gelasio Caetani in 1921, in the area of disappeared medieval town of Ninfa, of which today remain several ruins, some of which have been restored on the occasion of the creation of the garden. The town of Ninfa, whose name seems to derive from a temple of Classical age dedicated to the nymphs on a small lake, must have existed during Roman era. In the Middle Ages Ninfa had over 150 houses with attics and granaries, 14 churches, mills, bridges, two hospitals, a castle and a town hall. The city was defended by a city wall interspersed with at least 11 towers. The castle is located near the lake, outside the walls and was built starting from the twelfth century. Garden, of the size of eight hectares, houses within it over a thousand plants and is crossed by numerous streams.

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