Luogo - Museum

Museo archeologico "Padre Annibale Gabriele Saggi"

Where via della Liberazione, Norma (Latina)
The Museum illustrates the life and history of the ancient town of Norba, and proposes the reconstruction of a Republican age Roman city. Photographic images, colour photographs, reconstructive casts and models offer the visitor knowledge of the ancient city, its monuments, studies carried out and discoveries. The museum uses also the most advanced communication techniques. In fact, inside the exhibition circuit there are numerous video stations that, through “virtual reality”, propose the reconstruction of roads, public and private buildings, and everyday life. To complete this image of an ancient “living” city, there are also reconstructions – including one of a Roman kitchen, part of a painted room, models of transport carts – and numerous explanatory graphics. On the lower ground floor, an 18th century oil preservation warehouse has been refurbished and made accessible, with picturesque painted jugs still in place on counters along the walls: very important evidence of modern archaeology, which is an additional attraction for visitors.
Museo archeologico "Padre Annibale Gabriele S c
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