Luogo - Castle

Castello Carafa

Where Corso Lilio, 35, Cirò (Crotone)

Carafa Castle, located near the top of the old village of Cirò, presents a wide trapezoidal shape with two circular corner towers escarpments and a pentagonal bastion battlements. The inner courtyard, surrounded by warehouses and stables, is accessible by an entrance hall with a barrel vault and is paved with a design representing a nine-pointed star, attributed to mathematician astronomer Luigi Lilio (Cirò 1510 - Rome 1574). The construction of the Castle dates back to the XIV-XVI: the round towers escarpments relate Angevin period, the pentagonal bastion, the Aragonese. The building has seen, over time, several restorations: in the eighteenth century was added a body at two levels between the bastion and the body to the east; in 1842 was consolidated the west side; in 1923 were redone interior. Transformed into a palace, was inhabited until the mid-50s, hosting celebrities such Casoppero, King Charles III of Bourbon and Luigi Lilio. Legend has it that its interior, divided into 365 rooms, is a hidden treasure guarded.

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