Luogo - Architecture

Cinta Fortificata

Where Piazza Caduti dell'Emigrazione, Cariati (Cosenza)

Turreted town take form of a real fortified citadel in tenth century, under Byzantine rule. Emperor Nicephorus Foca, between 963 and 969, commissioned Gorgolano of carrying around the small village massive Walls. Original Byzantine circle will be strengthened between fifteenth and sixteenth century, under Aragonese rule. Walls are powerful, with a string course of brick at the top and loopholes in tufa stone, equipped with eight towers, four of which circular (Spinelli, Travaglia, Grotte and Seminario), two pentagonal (Pilè and Spezieria), onn "a horseshoe" (Santa Croce) and the last one as "lancet" (Valle). Entire town is surrounded by a moat and secret trenches, like a real stronghold. At current Marconi Square was place the main access to the citadel, equipped with door and drawbridge. Another entrance was located in the southern part of the city, with an arched gate known as Porta Pia.

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