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Where Cariati (Cosenza)
Cariati (Greek: Kariates) is a town and comune in the province of Cosenza in the Calabria region of southern Italy. Cariati is divided into two parts, Cariati Superiore situated on top of a hill and Cariati Marina which is stretched along the Ionian coastline. Princess Polissena Ruffo was born in Cariati in 1400 and married Francesco Sforza (founder of the Sforza dynasty in Milan) in 1418 as his first wife. Cariati is also the birthplace of Italian footballer Domenico Berardi who on the 12th of January 2014 became the youngest footballer since 1931 in Serie A to score 4 goals in one match and the only player to do this, in the same match, against Milan. Notes and references
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