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Antiquarium di Palinuro

Where Via Ficocella, Centola (Salerno)

The Antiquarium is on a coastal cliff next to a picturesque cove in the town of Ficocella. The building was built in the ’60s thanks to the interest of the Provincial Tourism of Salerno, in order to give place to a host of archaeological finds for a succession of excavations since 1948. Right now the antiquarium showed its lack of security measures to a series of thefts that convinced the Archaeological Superintendants of Salerno to collect the finds and store them in the warehouses of the provincial capital. From that moment it opened a bitter controversy between citizens and institutions for the reopening of the "museum" in 1985. The Superintendency, directed by Prof. Werner Jowannosky, granted the return of artefacts which were however, properly exhibited and setup at the local parish. Ten years later they started on the restructuring and securing of the Ficocella antiquarium, in the meantime, the old material was transferred, again to temporary offices on Indipendenza Street. With the end of the restructuring, finally, they have put an end to the wandering of artifacts that represent only part of what has been unearthed and still lying in the soil of Palinuro.

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