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Where Centola (Salerno)

For the saint, see Centola and Helen. Centola is a town and comune in the province of Salerno in the Campania region of south-western Italy. As of 2011 its population was of 5,073. Geography Located in southern Cilento, Centola borders with the municipalities of Camerota, Celle di Bulgheria, Montano Antilia, Pisciotta and San Mauro la Bruca. The municipality counts the town itself (2,550 inhabitants) and 4 hamlets (frazioni). Their population is listed under brackets. Palinuro (1,202): The greatest one, located by the sea Foria (516): Located not too far from Centola San Severino (435): Notable for its medieval ruins, located by "Centola" railway station San Nicola (370): The littlest hamlet of the comune Demographics See also Cilento Cape Palinuro Cilentan Coast References External links Media related to Centola at Wikimedia Commons

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