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Where Padula (Salerno)

Padula, located in Vallo di Diano, is famous for Certosa di San Lorenzo, UNESCO World Heritage site among the largest charterhouses in Europe. Among the other interesting sites in Padula area, the excavations of ancient Cosilinum and, in the Late Antiquity, Hermitage of San Michele alle Grottelle and Baptistery of San Giovanni in Fonti (IV century), ancient baptistery Paleochristian founded on a pre-existing pagan temple. In historical center there are numerous Medieval and modern elements, starting from Norman Castle, of which remain the ruins of the tower in the garden of Palazzo Padula, behind Church of San Clemente; terracing along Via della Madonnella; remains of the wall along Via Carlo Poerio, Angioine Towers of Casa Tepedino (Via Nicotera) and Casa Marsicovetere (Piazza Trieste and Trento), both near the castle. Also noteworthy are the palaces of modern age, such as Sanseverino Palace or Di Stasio Palace. Padula also hosts numerous museums of local and national interest, such as Provincial Archaeological Museum of Western Lucania, Joe Petrosino House Museum, Padula Stone Museum, Surname Museum, dedicated to the name of the city, with the possibility of perform assisted research, and Multimedia Civic Museum.

Immagine descrittiva - BY Di Pietroakastevo - Opera propria, CC BY-SA 4.0, c
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