Sala Consilina

Sala Consilina, (Salerno)
Sala Consilina is a town and comune in the province of Salerno in the Campania region of southwestern Italy. With 12,258 inhabitants it is the most populated town of Vallo di Diano.HistoryThe ancient village of Consilinum was built during the Roman Ages.GeographySala Consilina is located in the middle area of Vallo di Diano, close to the borders of Campania with Basilicata. The bordering municipalities are Atena Lucana, Brienza (PZ), Marsico Nuovo (PZ), Padula, Sassano and Teggiano.DemographicsPersonalitiesSala Consilina was arguably the birthplace of Giovanni Martini, a trumpeter that served in Italy with Giuseppe Garibaldi and later joined the United States Army, serving with George Armstrong Custer and participating in the Battle of Little Big Horn. Martini is now buried at the Cypress Hill Cemetery in Brooklyn.GallerySee alsoVallo di DianoCilentoReferencesExternal links Media related to Sala Consilina at Wikimedia Commons(Italian) Sala Consilina official website

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