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Borgo di Pisciotta

Where Piazza M. Pagano, 11, Pisciotta (Salerno)

The old town of Pisciotta, framed by majestic olive trees, had lost none of the typical Medieval urban structure, with the castle on top and around the houses leaning against each other, to form a fortified town to defend against pirates. The origin of the ancient Pixus is likely to be placed around the year 900. Already feud in the twelfth century, it will pass to Caracciolo and then to Sanseverino families. In 1522 it began the construction of the Franciscan Monastery, which remains today the bell tower and a few other ruins. During the Spanish began the construction of the coastal towers to defend the territory from the Turk assaults. In 1602 starts the construction of the Palace, built on the ruins of the old castle.

Borgo di Pisciotta c
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