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Museo Rodolfo Valentino

Where Via Vittorio Emanuele , 117/119, Castellaneta (Taranto)
The Rodolfo Valentino Museum was inaugurated on 18th June 2010 in Castellaneta. It is located in the charming former St. Clare Monastery. It displays the permanent exhibition " Rodolfo Valentino, a seductive myth", celebrating the great actor from Puglia. The Institute is sponsored by the Executive Presidency, the Department of Tourism for the Puglia Region, the Province of Taranto Department of Tourism, the Culture Department and the council of Castellaneta and is strongly supported by the Rodolfo Valentino Foundation. The exhibition showcases pictures and films starring Rodolfo Valentino. The first part of the exhibition displays panels in the "Hall of the Great Lover" and a second part includes the film screenings of "The Legend". 35 movie posters of films starring Rodolfo Valentino are also on display and the film set of "The Son of the Sheik" is also reconstructed here. The aim of the exhibition is to outline the artistic abilities of this great artist from Castellaneta, one of the most famous actors in America during the years of the silent cinema.
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