Luogo - Museum

Museo Storico e Archeologico della Civiltà dell'Olio e del Vino

Where Via Lopizzo, c/o Castello Medievale , Massafra (Taranto)
The exhibition of the museum is divided into four rooms where the visitor can see ancient artefacts relating to agricultural practices in the area of Massafra. The first room contains tools used to weigh the oil and wine. The second room houses ancient tools for the production of oil and wine. A third room houses the equipment of the “carradore” (a manufacturer of carts for transport) from Massafra. In the last room, located in the circular south-west tower, visitors can see the tradition dress of females at the end of the nineteenth century, wooden tools for the culmination of textiles, a collection of ceramics from Grottaglie and Laertine tableware and firearms. The Museum also manages an Educational Laboratory of Archaeology located in the south-eastern tower of the castle. The activities of the Laboratory range from the study of the excavation documentation of the St. Sergius Greek settlement to an analysis of archaeological finds which are listed in a catalogue and kept in the museum. The laboratory activities are coordinated by an agreement among the City Hall of Massafra, , the Archaeological Superintendence of Puglia, The Massafra-Mottola Lions Club "The Crypt", the Puglia Region CRSEC TA/50 and the Oil and Wine Museum
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