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Calvagese della Riviera

Where Calvagese della Riviera (Brescia)
The Commune of Calvagese della Riviera (Italian: Comune di Calvagese della Riviera) is one of the 206 municipalities of the Province of Brescia in the northern Italian region Lombardy. It is located some 10 kilometres (6 mi) west of Lake Garda and its population of 3,522 is divided between the centres of Calvagese itself, Carzago, and Mocasina. Further localities include Belvedere, Ponte Clisi (where there is a bridge across the river Chiese) and Terzago. The communes which border on Calvagese della Riviera are Polpenazze del Garda, Prevalle, Bedizzole, Padenghe sul Garda, Lonato, Soiano del Lago, and Muscoline. Art and architecture The most important building is the church of San Pietro di Antiochia which has frescoes dating from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, and paintings by Girolamo Romanino (a Madonna and child), Zenon Veronese (a Deposition) and other artists of the Venetian school. The church was partially restored during the first half of the eighteenth century. Monuments of interest in Carzago include the parish church of San Lorenzo, which holds paintings by Gallina and Cossali, and the remains of a medieval castle whose four towers have remained visible to this day. Notes References Comune di Calvalgese della Riviera (2006-11-29), Statuto .
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