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Where Salò (Brescia)

Salò, of Roman foundation on homonymous gulf of Garda Lake, during the last years of the Second World War was the seat of some ministries of Italian Social Republic. Some sources make it go back to the fact that the city was, even in ancient times, economic capital of the area, where it was deposited a very important resource such as sea salt. In the north-western area of ​​Salò (Lugone area, now via Sant'Iago), in the 1920s Roman necropolis was found of 171 tombs containing various materials, including an amphora now exhibited at Archaeological Museum of Milan. Among the monuments and places of interest, Duomo, dedicated to Santa Maria Annunziata, is the most valuable architectural work, designed by Filippo delle Vacche in late Gothic style. Inside it houses paintings by Romanino, Moretto, Zenone Veronese and Paolo Veneziano. To visit, Monumental Cemetery, built on the opposite bank of the gulf, on the project by Rodolfo Vantini; Palazzo del Podestà (seat of the council of Magnifica Patria); Palazzo Martinengo, with its large park with beautiful fountains, and Lazzaretto di San Rocco. Colle San Bartolomeo, which overlooks the city, is crossed by nature trails and landscaped up to its peak. In addition to Municipal Library, Library of University of Salò is also located, containing 25,000 volumes, manuscripts of the 13th century incunabula, codes and documents of Magnifica Patria printed in the early 16th century, and Study and Documentation Center on historical period of the RSI. Among the museums, Blue Ribbon Museum, foundation that collects relics, photographs and documents of the decorations with military value, and Archaeological Museum "A. M. Mucchi", both housed in Coen Palace.

Immagine descrittiva - CC BY-SA Di Massimo Telò - Opera propria, CC BY-SA 3.0, c
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