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Museo del Parco Alto Garda bresciano - Centro visitatori di Gargnano

Where Toscolano-Maderno (Brescia)

The museum, as well as environmental education center and agency that provides information and incentives to visitors of the Garda Bresciano, proposes a permanent exhibition in which it is traced the evolution of the Garda from the Age to Roman period to the Venetian domination, to reach the Garda of "industry stranger", sort the last quarter of the nineteenth century. At the same time it offers a trip from the Lake to the mountain, from the traditions of fishing and the cultivation of citrus fruits (not to mention the development of industrial experiences like that paper Toscolano and cotton in Campione), to the traditions of the Garda mountain, with its environments. The Museum is therefore proposed as the centerpiece of a potential museum system - with specific reference to the ethnographic and archaeological-industrial areas - promoting pathways that include different poles already in place or under construction or recovery. The building that houses the museum is arranged on the ground floor of an apartment complex, located in an area of great importance for the landscape, just a few steps from the nursery ERSAF (Regional Agency for Services to Agriculture and Forests of Lombardy), the which is to be processed in educational arboretum.




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