Alessandria del Carretto, (Cosenza)

The Museum, near the Botanical Garden, contains the personal Dr. Chidichimo's library and trophies, as well as a series of scientific evidence on the Italian...


Museo Archeologico Melissa Palopoli

Contrada Ciuranà, snc - S.P.1 km 1, Crucoli, (Crotone)

The Museum displays the archaeological collection "Ernesto Palopoli", which consists of about 2000 pieces that illustrate the human stories, from Prehistory to the...


Museo del Cedro

Via Imprese, Santa Maria del Cedro, (Cosenza)

Cider Museum enhances the culture linked to the production of typical citrus of Santa Maria del Cedro and its arrival in Riviera. Museum exposes the memory of the...

Archaeological Area

Parco Archeologico Timpone Motta e Antiquarium

Via Mazzini, 41, Francavilla Marittima, (Cosenza)

The site includes two main archaeological areas: Timpone della Motta, located 280 meters above sea level and the area Macchiabate, along the Raganello river. At...

Archaeological Area

Parco Archeologico dei Tauriani "Antonio De Salvo"

Località Taurean, a, Palmi, (Reggio Calabria)

Archaeological Area

Area Archeologica di Broglio

Parco archeologico di Broglio, Trebisacce, (Cosenza)

The archaeological site of Broglio of Trebisacce is a Proto-historic village inhabited for about 1000 years by the Enotri people, according to ancient sources, the...

Historical building

Palazzo Mottola Gabrielli

Largo Migliarese, Tropea, (Vibo Valentia)

The building has a special portal contained within two columns supporting the balcony above. Remodeled in the late '700 and early 800, originally it consisted only of...

Point of interest

Via Lepanto

Via Lepanto, 2, Tropea, (Vibo Valentia)

To the naval battle of Lepanto (1571) also participated some tropeane ships, as evidenced by a report of Sebastiano Veniero in 1572, in which it quoted the  noble...


Maschere Apotropaiche sui Portali

Via Lauro, 6, Tropea, (Vibo Valentia)

The influence of folklore and other traditions is reflected on many portals of the old town of Tropea. Apotropaic masks, with the superstitious function to cast the...


Tre Fontane

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, Tropea, (Vibo Valentia)

In Tropea there are numerous fountains, outside and inside the walls, many of which are still active today. The main source that supplied water to the city was the...


Palazzo di Vetro (o della Provincia)

Piazza Prefettura, 7, Catanzaro

Seat of Province of Catanzaro, was built in Sixties by architect Saul Greco.

Historical building

Antico Sedile di Portercole

Piazza Ercole, 27, Tropea, (Vibo Valentia)

The Portercole Seat was erected in 1703 to house the parliament of the Nobles of Tropea. It stands on the site where previously there was the Royal Bagliva, in the...