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Via Lepanto

Where Via Lepanto, 2, Tropea (Vibo Valentia)

To the naval battle of Lepanto (1571) also participated some tropeane ships, as evidenced by a report of Sebastiano Veniero in 1572, in which it quoted the  noble Gaspare Toraldo, willing to offrie 1.200 soldiers if he had appointed Colonel. Veniero accepted the proposal and the tropean galleys soon joined the armada, with the privilege to precede all others. Together with Toraldo who, at the command of the galley "Pasqualiga" was one of the first to board an enemy ship and planting the St Marck's banner, there were also noble Leonardo and Cesare Galluppi, Andrea Frezza and Ferdinand Barone, who died in battle. The tropean company naval in Lepanto is celebrated of a street's titolation in the heart of the historic center.

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