Luogo - Architecture

Porta Vaticana e Bastioni

Where Largo Villetta del Cannone, Tropea (Vibo Valentia)

Large sectors of the city walls have survived the various processes of demolition because incorporated in several adjacent buildings sprung up on the rocks that surround the current Via Regina Margherita. Even today it is possible to reconstruct the stretch of the old walls from the current entrance to the Course, down to the Belvedere, in Largo Villa del Cannone. In this place there was the Vatican's Bastion, with adjoining the Vatican Gate, which was accessed by a drawbridge on a fifteen meters high viaduct. This Gate, before the creation of the New Gate (1783-85), was the only access by land. Vatican's Bastion joined the mighty Aragonese Bastion, also called "Low Tower". This defensive system was demolished around 1875.

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