Castello del Goceano

Via Castello, Burgos, (Sassari)
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Also called Castle of Burgos, the Castleof Goceano was named after a region in mid- north Sardinia. It rises on agranite hill dominating the town of Burgos, 647m above sea level. In thefourteenth century it was considered one of the best defended Sardiniancastles. Built in 1334 by Gonario I, judge of Torres, it was under the rule ofGenova, then the Doria family and finally, in the mid- fourteenth century,under the judges of Arborea. Adelasia, last judge of Torres, was locked up anddied inside this castle. The fortified structure, irregular in plan, isarticulated in a wall circuit built of stones and bricks with several loop-holes, a room dug into the rock and the main tower. The lower part of the wallwas made higher during the 15th century under the rule of the Aragonese. Thesquare main tower consists of two levels built of rough calcareous blocks,supported by red vulcanite blocks. Several rooms faced an inner courtyard, whereis the entrance to an underground room, perhaps a tank. North of the maintower, other rooms were maybe destined to troops and the servants of thecastle.


Partially accessible to disabled people.

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