Luogo - Monument

Colonne Romane

Where Brindisi

The Roman Columns, located at the port of the city, had to be twins, at least until the collapse of one of the two, in 1528. The surviving Column was removed several times to ensure its protection: during the Second World War; between 1996 and 2002 for renovations. Its original capital is exposed at the "Granafei-Nervegna" Palace and in its place there is a copy. The origin of the Columns is shrouded in myth (attributed to Hercules, then to Silla and Traiano), however, the re-use of parts and materials might suggest a dating after the Roman Empire, at Byzantine period perhaps. Even on the function it's very fantasized: the best hypothesis is the celebratory one, perhaps in support of two bronze statues. The survived Column is in Proconnesian marble, measuring 18,74 meters in height for a base of 4,44 meters. The capital depicts four gods and eight newts between acanthus leaves.

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