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Orto botanico di Bologna

Where Via Irnerio, 42, Bologna

Founded in 1568 on the initiative of Ulisse Aldrovandi, after several transfers found its permanent home at the old College Ferrerio. The total area amounts to approximately two acres and on it are cultivated over five thousand specimens of local and exotic plants. The greenhouses are three: two of them contain tropical plants (mainly ferns, orchids, and broneliacee food bearing trees, while the third houses the collection of succulents. Include The other sectors of the area of ​​medicinal plants, ornamental area The forest area of ​​the park and reconstructions of naturali.Il first group, called the Garden of Simple, originated in 1568 on the area of ​​yard Accursio Palace, in the space that was occupied in 1925 by the Sala Borsa on project Edward Collamarini initiative of Ulisse Aldrovandi (1522-1605), professor of natural philosophy at the University of Bologna and creator - in 1556 - the museum of natural history. From 1803, extends over more than two hectares of land between the city gates of San Donato and Mascarella, where they are planted more than five thousand specimens of local and exotic plants. staged Here are several thematic areas: medicinal plants, ornamental plants, the forest-park, and the reconstruction of different natural environments. Among the species on earth is reminiscent of Ginkgo biloba (female) and Magnolia grandiflora. Of particular interest are three greenhouses that contain tropical plants and succulents.

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