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Museo speleologico "L. Fantini"

Where Piazza VII Novembre 1944, 7, Bologna

It is located inside the formwork baroque Porta Lame, built in the middle of the seventeenth century one of the gateways to the city along the ancient city walls torn down in the early twentieth century. It contains a rich mineralogical heritage, largely resulting from Gessi Bolognesi, but which also includes samples originating from other Italian regions. Many are also specimens of crystallization, mineralization and concretions. Some display cases of "historic" are the tools used by early explorers of the Speleological Group of Bologna, founded in 1932 by Luigi Fantini, a pioneer of research on the prehistory of Bologna, to whom the museum is named. Accompanying the collections library caving containing about nine thousand volumes and a rich photographic archive of approximately five thousand images of caves and karst environments.

Bologna, Museo Speleologico "L. Fantini" c
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