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Museo geologico "G. Capellini"

Where Via Zamboni, 63, Bologna

Linked to the Department of Earth Sciences of the University, was opened in 1881 at the Second International Geological Congress, by Giovanni Capellini (1833-1922), founder and first president of the Italian Geological Society. In addition to the thirty thousand pieces collected by the researcher himself between 1860 and 1911, the museum houses the collections of historical Marsili, Aldrovandi and Mountains; The rich collection of fossilized fish Bolca (1870); the largest collection in Europe of 'Cicadeoidee; the two skeletons proboscidean 'Mastodon arvenensis', the fossil of maldentato 'Scelidoterium capellinii'. Finally, we recall the model, along 26 meters high and 4 of the Jurassic dinosaur 'diplodocus carnegiei'. Marsili In the room there are sixteen pieces, fourteen of which belong to fossil elephants, such as the 'Palaeoloxodon' and 'Mammuthus', described and figured by Marsili in his "Danubius Pannonian Mysicus observationibus geograficus ... perlustratus" of 1726. E 'then preserved in a fossil wood' Lithoxilon secundum former Transylvania ', quoted in' "instrumentum donationis" of 1711, ie the printed catalog the first donation. It should be noted, finally, the unique model of mine, a gift of Frederick Augustus, Elector of Saxony in Marsili.Il museum houses the chains that went around the ankles for two years Marsili prisoner of the Turks, donated as votive chapel of the Annunciation of the Virgin ' institute he founded.

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