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Museo di Santo Stefano

Where Via S. Stefano, 24, Bologna

It is located in the complex of the basilica of Santo Stefano, housed in four rooms that end in the chapel of the bandage. Opened in 1916, it was originally settled by Francesco Malaguzzi Valeri in the refectory. Following the work of resettlement, since 1999 has assumed its present, hosting vestments and relics, paintings and frescoes of the school of Bologna, Veneto and Tuscany between the thirteenth and eighteenth centuries (Simone de 'Crosses, Michele di Matteo, Alessandro Tiarini ), and the reliquary of the head of San Petronio, a magnificent work of jewelery made ​​in 1380 by Jacopo Roseto.Nella first room one another bas-reliefs of different ages, statues, capitals. In the second room, reserved for gold funds, panels and frescoes of the XIV-XVI, who works for Michael Matthew, Simone de Crucifixes ('Group of the Magi' and 'Crucifix'), James Paul, and John of Zoanello a 'Madonna and Child' attributed to Lippo di Dalmasio. In the third room there are many paintings and altarpieces of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, among which stand out the works of Alexander Tiarini ('St. Martin resurrects the widow's son') Caccianemici, Ansaloni. From here you enter the "Treasury of St. Stephen": two small rooms with collections of sacred gold and relics, including that of S. Petronio by Jacopo Roseto (1380), relics of the Holy Cross of the seventeenth century, the relic of Benda seventeenth century, and other reliquaries, chalices, ciborium, candlesticks, crosses, monstrance, all of the XVII-XIX. The fourth room (Chapel of Benda) maintains the 'Holy of Holies' (XVI-XVIII) with wooden reliquary of St. Florian (XVIII century), vestments (XVIII century) including the miter of St. Isidore , and a fresco of the thirteenth century the 'Massacre of the Innocents' Berlinghiero from Lucca. It 'a museum attached to the Restoration Laboratory of jewelry, books, vestments and sacred vessels in general.

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