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Museo di mineralogia "L. Bombicci"

Where Piazza di Porta San Donato, 1, Bologna

With an exhibition area of ​​850 square meters, the museum occupies the top floor of the building that houses the Department of Earth Sciences. The current seat was desired and designed by prof. Louis Bombicci, first Professor of Mineralogy, University of Bologna, founded in 1860, and director of its museum which owes to him the bulk of his materials, made between 1860 and 1903. Overall, it is over 50,000 samples of minerals and rocks from around the world of great historical and scientific importance. The exhibits are about 10,000, is divided into several collections in general collections and thematic exhibitions; of particular interest in documenting those aspects of the geo-mineralogical Bolognese territory; more than 150 meteorites, including rare it should be noted the 'carbonaceous chondrite' Renazzo; the more than a thousand beautiful Sicilian amber; 650 antique marbles; semiprecious stones and paesine; the old scientific instruments.

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