Luogo - Historical building

Torre degli Asinelli e Torre Garisenda (Due Torri)

Where Via Zamboni, 1, Bologna

Asinelli Tower is one of the so-called Two Towers of Bologna, symbol of the city, located at the intersection of crossroads San Donato (now via Zamboni), San Vitale, Maggiore, Santo Stefano and Castiglione, leading to their menageries ancient circle of "torresotti" City Walls. Asinelli Tower, with its 97.2 m high, is considered the highest leaning tower in Italy. At the end of the twelfth century in Bologna there were more than a hundred towers, including milestones and noble. Tower owes its name to the family to which they traditionally attributes the construction, between 1109 and 1119. City became owner in the fourteenth century and used it as a prison and fortress. In the same years around the Tower it was built a wooden building, located thirty meters from the ground and combined with an aerial walkway (destroyed by fire in 1398) to nearby Garisenda Tower. It is open to visitors for a fee. Inside it can climb wooden stairs up to the top, along 500 steps, from which you can admire entire city. On the ground floor they were relocated some workshops to remember old commercial function of this area.

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