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Parco Naturale Laghi di Avigliana (Ente Gestione Aree Protette delle Alpi Cozie)

Where Via Frera, Avigliana (Torino)

Nestled amongst the hills and the mouth of the Susa Valley, the Park has three biotypes: the two lakes (Great Lake and Little Lake), the hills formed during the last Ice Age and the Mareschi marsh. The lakes, where are numerous species of fish, are a favorite destination for bird watchers. The activities of self-guided tours along the trails, or with the rangers, are supported by an Information Center, a Museum of Fishing, maps available at the Tourist Information Centre. The Great Lake is ideal for many water sports, such as canoeing, sailing and water skiing. In summer it can choose one of these activities, or simply swim accessing it from one of the beaches indicated on maps.


From Monday to Thursday 9:30/12:00 am; 2:00/3:00 pm. On Friday 9:30/12:00 am

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