Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa di San Giovanni

Where Piazza San Giovanni, Avigliana (Torino)

The Church of St. John is located near the central Conte Rosso Square. The lobby retains the fresco of the Madonna and Child with Saints Christopher, John the Baptist and Antony Abate, and a series of scenes such as the Visitation, a Holy Knight, the Virgin and St. Bernardino, Holy Mary Magdalene and Catherine, the Martyrdom of Sant'Agata. Inside there are many paintings: the board of St. Ursula Jerome Giovenone, Our Lady of Mercy or the Saints Crispin and Crispian, by Defendente Ferrari, as well as the triptych of St. Jerome, the altarpiece of the Nativity and the triptych of Madonna of the Consortium.


Every day 8:00/12:00 am; 3:00/7:30 pm

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