Luogo - Museum

Laboratorio archeologico della Val Pennavaire

Where PIAZZA S. REPARATA, SNC, Aquila d'Arroscia (Imperia)

The Laboratory is included in the Museum of Territory of Arroscia valley "Ubagu Faces". It is proposed as an introduction to the natural-caving-archaeological route from the town gateway to the watershed with the Pennavaira valleys and Rio Ferraia, over the majestic ruins of the Castle of the Eagle of the Lords Del Carretto. In the spaces of the Laboratory explains the events that characterize the history of this area, which has had a continuous attendance from Prehistory to today. Main purpose is to accompany the visitor in a natural and geological little known area, populated by typical plants of wetlands. The evidence of Prehistoric life found in caves (polished stones, pottery from the Iron Age, the remains of hearths) allow it to recreate the living conditions of the of the Paleolithic hunters and Neolithic shepherds, and to reproduce and use their products. A model shows the exact location on the territory of remarkable caves, reached by a marked trail.

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