Luogo - Museum

Museo navale romano

Where Piazza San Michele, 12, Albenga (Savona)

Established in 1950 and housed in the seventeenth-century Peloso Cepolla Palace, it exposes wine amphorae, supplies, helmets, tools and equipment dating back to the first century BC, whose origin is linked to the discovery of the wreck of the Roman cargo ship "Felix Pacata", wrecked off the coast of Albenga. Since 1957 it is also exhibited in the Museum's collection of vases of Pharmacy of the Hospital St. Mary of Mercy in Albenga. Completes the Museum the section "Prehistory in Val Pennavaira", accompanied by explanatory supports, inaugurated in 2002.

Immagine descrittiva - CC BY Di Davide Papalini - Opera propria, CC BY 2.5, c
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