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Palazzo vescovile di Albenga

Where VIA EPISCOPIO, 5, Albenga (Savona)

The Diocesan Museum, located inside the ancient Bishop's Palace, offers a path that winds through seven rooms: the room dedicated to the illustrious archaeologist Nino Lamboglia, which houses some artifacts found during the excavation work of the Cathedral, the Tapestries Hall, containing the cycle with stories of Moses's Childhood, valuable example of Brussels manufacture of the sixteenth century. Among the works: paintings by Ligurian-Provencal school of the XIV and XVI; pieces of silverware belonging to the Treasury of the Cathedral (St.Calocero and St.Verano's reliquary busts, 1475); in addition to paintings including the "St. Catherine's Martyrdom", by Guido Reni, and the "St.Verano' s Miracle" by Giovanni Lanfranco. The tour ends with a visit to the Red Room for papal audiences, that keeps the red silk damask upholstery (1775) and contemporary furnishings. Late eighteenth century, the small marble statue depicting the "Madonna with Child seated on clouds," by Francesco Maria Schiaffino.

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