Luogo - Monument

Mausoleo degli Acilii Glabriones

Where Piazza XIX Ottobre - Via Caduti sul Lavoro, Alife (Caserta)

The funeral Mausoleum is located in the current October XIX Square, outside the eastern gate of the city of Alife. The name of the founder remained unknown: some historians attribute it to the noble Acilii Glabriones family, which was to have vast properties in the area. In the absence of elements, the monument seems to be dated by the first half of the first century AD. The Mausoleum retains its original structure, with a cylindrical upper body, covered by a dome, on a square base. The tomb contains a circular plan with eight rectangular niches around the walls and a hanging, covered with plaster and stucco, in opus latericium. The interior space was designed as a ball, outside, a molding in limestone marked the distinction between base, decorated by niches with apses, and top element, covered with large limestone blocks, of which there are a few elements. The monument was turned towards the end of the thirteenth century, in St. John of Jerusalem's Churc and, in 1924, in votive Chapel dedicated to the Fallen.

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