Luogo - Religious building

San Costanzo al Monte

Where Via Fonza, 9, Villar San Costanzo (Cuneo)

One of the most ancient and important of the province of Cuneo. The erection of a first stone Church, along with the crypt below, is about 1190. One of the main features of St. Constance is the crypt reproduces exactly the plant of the upper Church. Inside, it can admire twenty-six capitals in Lombard-Romanesque style in green stone by Acceglio with several reasons: interlacing geometric floral, real or imaginary animals, like the double tail siren, cross-bearers horses, the Johannine eagle. Outside, the most interesting part is the Romanesque, or the south-east side, featuring three tall apses crossed by pilasters and crowned with galleries with double arches and columns. Another partial reconstruction with its expansion took place in the thirteenth century and, again, around the XVII, when it was erected the current facade. In 1771 the Romanesque bell tower was demolished because it was unsafe and not rebuilt, the stump was erected a simple belfry.

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