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Verzino is a comune and town in the province of Crotone, in Calabria, southern Italy. Economy Verzino relies on the production of oil, wine, cereals, citruses, and the breeding of the cattle. Verzino built by the Oenotrians or Greek hero Philoctetes, who, according to a legend, after the fall of Troy, arrived with his men in the presila and founded together with other small towns Chone, including Vertinae. Around 500 BC Verzino passed from usd85 domination of Crotoniati who arrived in the village, "exploited the mines of sulphur and iron, silver and alabaster quarries and a water source existing therein sulphur. The territory was still known for the land called Ripoli that were clean, and the joys for medicinal herbs. The game was also abundant in the mountains ". The Verzinesi lived in small pantalitiche, shelves of caves linked by footpaths, that still can be seen on the western flank of the hill called Spur where the historic centre is enclosed. "As Casale di Cariati followed the feudal events from Sangiorgio (1291), Ruffo (1417), Gerolimo, Viscount of Cariati (1479), Spinelli who in 1668 the alienated to courteous." After confiscation by the Bourbons to Duke Nicholas Polite macchiatosi of felony, the fief of Verzino spent part of the assets of the Royal Crown. The year 1746. Our ancestors had to nail the Raptor feudatory, knew a period of quiet and industrious life, although not long lasting. Was the custom in that historical period that the fiefs confiscated State offenders were administered by a Royal General Administrator who provided to rent to people of his confidence, called Regi Conductors. So in 1782 he was appointed as conductor of the fief of regio Verzino, don Nicola Barberio Toscano from San Giovanni in Fiore. The new Baron was a wicked man and especially Raptor, worthy continuer of the famous "Wolves" that dissanguarono our distant ancestors. Driven by greed to buy the fief, plan that succeeded in 1804, not missed, as Regio Conductor before and as Baron then, to make life hard for settlers who already had lost as a result of the different steps of administrationmany feudal land rights: grazing, water, allignamento etc. While the Bourbons, however, left to live, the new landlord gave to all manner of iniquity and violence which fed the suffering of the inhabitants of the fief and to determine the rebellion. Began to protest openly and in 1796, when Napoleon overlooked in Italy, he sent a delegation to the King of Naples to represent the poor living conditions of our populations. To guide you can find the figure of a courageous supporter of popular rights, priest don Vincent Arcuri Savelli then casale di Verzino, scholarly person and estimated by all for his exemplary conduct. The protest angered not the Overlord, who retaliated in a ruthless on poor priest. So capture by his scherani, he was exposed to a ferocious martyrdom. The Congress of Vienna and the consequent restoration report the employment problem of the land to their previous state. The flurry of 1848 is meant more than political-national socio-economic sense. For our populations was always alive to the problem of the land and the moti rivoluzionari offered an opportunity to resume the arbitrary land occupation begun in 1806 following the Act of subversive of feudalism.

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