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La casa dei racconti

Where via della Scuola, Vallo di Nera (Perugia)
The House of Tales Apart from being known as one of the most beautiful burghs of Italy, Vallo di Nera is famous in the surrounding villages for some of its popular blazons, which emphasize the simplicity and the “foolishness” of its inhabitant, which has given life to a series of tales, handed down orally, known as nonsensical Vallo talks, therefore called “Vallanate”. In order to preserve this heritage, a House of Tales was founded and inaugurated in 2005. This is a depositary for the oral traditions of the entire community, especially the ones that are passed on from one generation to the next and that contain myths, legends, fables, tales and satires. Currently the House of Tales is one of the Antennas, part of the Ecomuseo of the Umbrian Apennine Dorsal and is involved in collecting, preserving and re-elaborating the immaterial heritage of the territory, with particular attention to songs and popular narrations.
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