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Bosco Sacro di Monteluco

Where monteluco, Spoleto (Perugia)

The name of Monteluco derives from Latin term lucus, "Bosco Sacro a Giove", testifying to religious importance of the site since ancient times. Around the 5th century, Monteluco became the seat of a group of eastern anchorite monks led by St. Isaac of Antioch. Even spiritual story of St. Francis is completed in these places: it seems that in 1218 the same Francis founded Chapel of St. Catherine. Currently Monteluco is a destination for a good tourist flow from all over Italy, as well as being under observation by UNESCO Heritage Committee and a stop on "Via Francigena di San Francesco - La Via di Roma". Its woods offer a splendid view of Spoleto valley, passing near Ponte delle Torri, which in ancient times constituted the obligatory passage.

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