Luogo - Museum

Museo del tessile e del costume antico

Where Corso Mazzini, vicolo III, Spoleto (Perugia)
The Ancient Costume and Textile Museum The Museo del Tessile e del Costume Antico is in the historical city center of Spoleto, housed in Palazzo Rosari Spada. This palace, built in the 17th and 18th century, was the property of the ancient family from Spoleto that counted Virgilio Rosari—ordained cardinal in 1557 and fierce enemy of St Philip Neri—among its illustrious members. In 1664, Rosari Palace became property of the Marquises Spada of Rome, and in the early years of the 19th century becomes property of the Marignoli family. The rich caisson ceilings, framed-in wall plaster friezes, decorating the wide rooms of the halls on the first and second floors are what remain of the majestic interior fittings. In the courtyard, it is possible to observe what remains of a terraced Roman wall. This Museum is interesting for the rich textile collection hosted in one of the most important historical buildings of Spoleto, which once was the seat of the Civic Gallery. The collection hosted mainly consists of textiles, clothing and embroidery and laces, dating from the 14th to the 20th century, while private donations and sound purchases have added to it since then. Theater costumes, books, scripts and the work-notes of the costume makers Marcel Escoffer and Enrico Sabbatini are part of this exhibition.
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