Luogo - Historical building

Complesso Monumentale di San Nicolò

Where Via Gregorio Elladio, Spoleto (Perugia)

It includes a former Church, a former Convent and two Cloisters. The Church was considered one of the most important religious buildings of the city and its adjoining Convent was home to an active cultural center. After the restoration took place in the 60s, the building acts as theater, exhibition center and convention center. Inside the Convent, throughout the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, scholars gathered citizens who love culture and arts. The Monastery possessed a rich library. It is believed that among the most distinguished guests there was also Martin Luther, traveling to Rome in 1512. The Augustinian fathers ran the Monastery until the early '800; the early twentieth century remains totally abandoned for more than fifty years. The former Church has a rectangular plant with buttresses. The facade, now devoid of the rose window, is gabled local limestone; the portal featuring typically Gothic motifs, is a pointed arch with pillars crowned with capitals surmounted by a frescoed lunette. The interior, which at present has a trussed roof, is a single wide nave, now bare. Fragments of frescoes, dating from the sixteenth century, are visible on the walls of the Church. The two dining rooms have been built in different periods (the fourteenth and seventeenth century).

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